Glaucoma Treatments

Patients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities can receive a range of glaucoma treatments from Ophthalmic Partners.


Treatment for glaucoma is dependent on the type of glaucoma. For open-angle glaucoma, treatment usually entails lowering the intraocular pressure, typically with glaucoma drops or a laser procedure. Treatment is specific for each person so a laser may be appropriate for one individual while drops may be used for another.

For patients with narrow angles, a laser can be used to open up the angle and prevent an attack of angle closure. This procedure is called a laser iridotomy and is performed in an office or outpatient facility. A small hole is made in the peripheral iris, which is able to be seen only at a slit lamp exam.


For some patients, drops or laser procedures are not effective in controlling the intraocular pressure or the glaucoma continues to worsen. In these cases, glaucoma surgery may be recommended. Although different operations and devices are available, most glaucoma surgeries attempt to allow drainage of aqueous fluid from the eye to a space outside of the eye-wall and under the conjunctiva.


Patients with glaucoma should be examined regularly and may require periodic glaucoma testing, such as visual fields or imaging of the optic nerve.

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